Muzzles for Greyhounds, Wippets and other dogs

Whippet Muzzles

Our Whippet Muzzles in black plastic nylon (DMAC 300) are available for dog, and for bitches where they are cut back to suit.

  • High Quality Black Nylon
  • Adjustable for Dog or Bitch
  • Hard Wearing
  • Leather Straps
  • images/productphotos/whippet-muzzle-1.jpg

    Black Nylon Whippet Muzzle - Side View

    Side of Muzzle showing black leather straps
  • images/productphotos/whippet-muzzle-2.jpg

    Plastic Whippet Muzzle with Leather Straps and Nickel Fittings.

    Nickle Fittings as Standard
  • images/productphotos/whippet-muzzle-3.jpg

    Front View of Plastic Whippet Muzzle.

    Front of Whippet Muzzle

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