Muzzles for Greyhounds, Wippets and other dogs

Kosy Anti-Bark Muzzles

The Kosy Anti-Bark Muzzle fits comfortably on greyhounds and dogs.

  • High Quality Nylon Plastic
  • Leather Straps
  • Hard Wearing
  • Durable
  • images/productphotos/kosy-anti-bark-1.jpg

    Side view of the Kosy Anti-Bark Muzzle with Leather Straps.

    Anti-Bark Muzzle with comfortable leather straps.
  • images/productphotos/kosy-anti-bark-2.jpg

    Front View of the Kosy Anti-Bark Muzzle with printed name on the noseband.

    Leather noseband on the Anti-Bark Muzzle.

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