Muzzles for Greyhounds, Wippets and other dogs

Kenel Kosy (Double Padded)

Kenel Kosy muzzles are made from best quality nylon and is hardwearing and comfortable on the greyhound. This double padded myzzle has leather straps and an extra wide PVC noseband with printed names or custom names as to Customer Requirements. This muzzle is also available with nylon straps.

Double padded nosebands are becoming very popular. They provide great protection for the dogs nose. They are suitable for use in kennels, kennel runs, and for transporting purposes. Again, they can be cut-back for use on bitches.

The genuine Kenel Kosy Muzzle has the KK logo on the right-hand side of the muzzle. They are available in Red, White, Blue, Black, Grey and Amber.

Customise your own - we can print custom nosebands for your special order.

  • Best Quality Nylon
  • Extra Wide PVC Noseband
  • Leather or Nylon Straps
  • Available in different Colours
  • Custom Printed Noseband
  • Provides great protection for dogs nose
  • images/productphotos/kenel-kosy-dp-1.jpg

    Double Padded Kenel Kosy in White adjustable for Dog or Bitch.

    Adjustable eyelets for a Greyhound dog or bitch
  • images/productphotos/kenel-kosy-dp-2.jpg

    Amber/Yellow Colour with printed noseband.

    Custom labelled Muzzle
  • images/productphotos/kenel-kosy-dp-3.jpg

    Front View of the Double Padded Kenel Kosy

    Double Padded Kennel Muzzle
  • images/productphotos/kenel-kosy-dp-4.jpg

    Side View of the Amber Coloured Double Padded Kenel Kosy with KK Logo visible.

    Kennel Muzzle with Kenel Kosy Logo
  • images/productphotos/custom-labelling-kenel-kosy-double-padded-muzzle.jpg

    Please ask how we can create a personalised muzzle for you.

    Customize your personal muzzles
  • images/productphotos/kenel-kosy-bespoke-double-padded-noseband.jpg

    Range of colors available with your choice of noseband text.

    Range of custom colours available.
  • images/productphotos/kenel-kosy-dp-5.jpg

    Different Colours available as part of a Bulk or individual order.

    Special Offers on Large orders

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