Other Products for Greyhounds, Wippets and other dogs

Hand Stitched Greyhound Set of Collars & Leads

Here we can see our High Quality Greyhound Set which can be customised to your liking.

  • Hand-made from high-Quality Leather
  • Solid Brass Fittings
  • Collars can be lined for extra Comfort
  • Range of Colours available.
  • Choose your own custom text embossing.
  • images/productphotos/handstitched-greyhound-collar-and-lead.jpg

    Brown Leather Collar and Lead Set - Lined for Extra Comfort

    Photo of our Brown Leather Collar and Lead Set.
  • images/productphotos/lined-brown-leather-dog-greyhound-lead-collar.jpg

    High Quality Leather, Hand Stitched with Solid Brass Fittings.

    Lined Collar and Lead Handle for Comfort and Quality.
  • images/productphotos/high-quality-dog-collar-and-lead-black.JPG

    Black Leather Collar and Lead set with Customised Text and Logo Embossing

    Black Leather with custom text and label in gold print.
  • images/productphotos/printed-name-logo-label-dog-collars.jpg

    Customised Text and Logo Embossingi in Gold Print

    Custom Logo and Text Printing.
  • images/productphotos/high-quality-dog-collar-black.JPG

    High Quality Black Leather with Comfortable and Secure Fit

    High Quality Leather providing a comfortable and secure fit for your greyhound, dog or bitch.

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